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Want to break into Atlanta? Need a support act for your next show? BAST is available to help!


BAST has performed as far north as Virginia Beach, VA, as far South as Tampa, FL and as far west as Austin, TX. Please take a look at our main calendar (on a desktop) to see all of the venues/locations we have access to.

Currently we work with a range of booking agents, promoters, clubs, venues and other bands - so putting a show together is typically straightforward but requires a lot of energy and effort.

We are happy to help any local, regional, national or international band we only ask that your band puts us on a bill in return, or introduces us to a venue contact.

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind if you would like to work with us:

What We Do

BAST only plays a handful of covers, we are an original music band in the vein of Rival Sons, Joan Jett and RUSH - we don't pair well with lighter music, coverbands or sports bars.

Order/Set Time

When BAST handles show arrangements we typically ask for the middle or opening slot - currently we can play upwards of an hour.

Booking Lead Time

We typically need about 30 days advance notice for bookings, if we end up working together regularly full access to our calendar blackout dates will be made available.

Backline Share

BAST is happy to coordinate/share backline and ask that you reach out to us well in advance of a show.


We understand most original shows offer no guarantee, however we always ask for some form of compensation to be shared amongst performers.

Short Run Tours

We prefer to play shows in groupings of 3's meaning one show inside Atlanta (ITP) one show outside city limits (OTP) and one show regionally within 5hrs of metro Atlanta - this is to protect venue owners from competing shows and also create enough geographic distance between shows to encourage turnout.


One of our BAST members is a skilled designer and marketer, so please provide your band logo/photo within 7-10 days of a confirmed booking so we can let everyone know about your band via our active social media accounts, press and radio friends.

Live Performance Example
Our Typical Stage Plot

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